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Monday, August 15, 2005
Influence by QIAO YUN
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:31 PM --- Post#112411007350120129

Do you know when is my birthday?
I think you will know if you check your book.
But do you know what is the flower of my birthday?
I bet none of you know.

It's Canadian Goldenrod
Stands for "influence" in the flower language
But am I that influential?
The obvious answer is 'no'

What if one day, I fell sick
And I did not go to school?
What will happen to the class?
Will they really care if I am there or not?

Somehow I have this feeling
That they dont even notice I am not there
The world will not stop spinning for me
No. The world will definitely not.

What about those who called themselves 'friends'?
Do they stop for me?
Will my absence influence them?
I guess they cant be bother with me.

Who in the world will stop And give me a hand to help me up?
Will these 'friends' stop?
Most probably, they will continue to walk
Without me. Leaving me behind. Leaving me where I had sat.

Do these 'friends' know that Every little thing they say breaks my heart?
Dont they know that I am very sensitive to whatever they say?
Do they know that when they boast about their friends
I have this feeling of being unwanted and left out?

Maybe they dont at all.
They just carry on with their lives.
Without realising that they have already injured me
One way or another.

I think I am not the one who is influential.
I feel like the one being influenced by others.
Their actions and their words.
I could do nothing. But slowly waiting for my wounds to heal...

(Extracted from .h.o.p.e.l.e.s.s. chronicles)

Ya i begged her for this poem...yes i feel its dark enuf. I can feel it....the desperate, the loss, the DEPRESSION faced....yes....I mean for me, my dark literature works are often bombarded by vugarities or scenes of death and such to represent agony, hatred and sadness. But this...take a turn, we now looked into how a girl feel...nutting harsh yet effective to bring out the feelings.

There a lot of question marks, showing she is asking herself, loss...yes she is loss. Quotation marks are used in "friends", representing her acute viewpoint from people around her. She also asked a hell lot of questions to her friends, if they noe this or noe that, it creates the effect that she is angry and sad, sort of shouting out her true feelings to those whom should listen to her...

Btw, do pay attention to the length of ur poem, dun make them too long, u can have more stanzas and notice that there shld be a rhythm following the poem, sort of like a rap. The rest is ok....seriously nicely done poem, qiao yun.

Evaluation aside....i dunno what happen to u lah, so sad so sad. Actually im no better, ya u said u seemed happy....i dun even have the chance to look happy at all lor...I mean u have quite a nice personality mah, not like me got so low EQ and socialising skills, always make ppl hate me and make fun of me only....Dun sad le....haha remember the Elastic Plaster?

| |
| 00 Heal ur Heart 00 |
| elastic plaster :) |

Dun sad le lah, as i said lor, everytime u sad u think im 100% in a state worse than you lor. I mean u so smart noe so much not like me rubbish52....nutting but rubbish frm me....

Some tips lah...if u feel really depressed...cry it out ba...u will feel better de....ok....can???

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