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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:19 AM --- Post#112597533761129993

There are basically two kinds of ppl on Earth: The guys and the gals...

I was frm VS. Yes everyone knows that VS is a guy sch, i think that to realised and know gals, you must 1st come from somewhere with no gals,and feel the difference..

But i seriously find gals...hmmm interesting creatures...But something i hate is that they are gaining more social status than guys! The 重男轻女 thing is like no longer exist! Now is like gals are climbing over our head liao lah!

Number One
National Service
Why guys need to serve NS while gals do not need? I had seen gals doing a lot more pushup than me, then they would rather sent me(physically unfit) to fight and lose? Stupid. U see, if the world all empolys both guy and gal soldier, wouldnt it be fair? In a fight u see both female and male soldier, there can be a rule saying female soldiers canm fight only female soldiers. Even no such rule, the presence of female soldiers on both side is already equlising the strength/weakness(It will be a strength if u increase ur force by adding in more gals.) Im quite sure some gals can really fight

Number Two
Why is there such thing as Gentlman and not Gentlegal? Why must guys always let gals go 1st? LETTING GALS GO 1ST HAS NUTS TO DO WITH THEIR PHYSICAL WEAKNESS! In AJ canteen i saw before some gals in a queue

"Hello, can let me go 1st?"

OMG, who are u? I dun even noe her and she has absolutely no reason to go 1st? She insisted she goes because she is a GIRL? NONSENSE! I tot the world says all genders should be treated equally?

If any guy/gal can gimme a valid reason to jump queue or that he/she is my good friend, i would gladly help.

Number Three
Tomboys VS Sissy
Which is more disgusting? Tomboy or sissy? To me well...i have not much opinion, it depends on the degree...

But generally, ppl can accept tomboys more than sissy. The guys find tomboys their "brothers" and the gals find them...well...they are still gals! For sissy, the guys find them erxin and the gals will seldom treat them like "sistas" cos they are still guys.

Why? Guys are @ a disadvantage...

Number Four
Abuse of protection power
Fine they say because gals are physically weaker, guys can harrass, molest, rape them as guys are horny creatures. Okok...fine. But dun u think that gals can abuse this law? How do a gal term as a "harassment"?A touch of hair? Or maybe molest? Accidental touch of their butt? Rape? A gal blackmailing a guy she hates after having sex? These are all very common cases of gals abusing their protection power.

A very good example is that in AJ, a guy was called up to the principle's office cos he touch a gal's hair while joking and chatting with her. The guy has absolutely no intention of taking her advantage yet the gal's father (who is rich and powerful) see this as an unforgivable act (the father was unreasonable? The gal exagerrated to her dad? I dunno). Luckily the principle was logical enuf not to let the father intercept and simply gave the guy a warning. See how gals can abuse their protection power even in JC level.

Also, if a guy is rapped by a gal...who on Earth will believe?

Number Five
A gal can dress the same as a guy anf no one will mention a thing. If a guy in Singapore dress up like a gal...something is very wrong.

See gals got choices of dressing, but not guys! Guys gotta stick to guy's dressing conduct. Also gals can have both long and short hair in school and im being scolded for having a bit longer hair.. Crap rite. See how good gals are?

Number Six
Sex (Do not read if u are under 18)
Hey its unfair, gals have 8 thousand nerve fibres on their clitoris while guys only have half of that!

Gals can choose to have two types of orgasm, vaginal(1/3 in front if the G-spot) or clitorial, while guys only have one way!

Gals can have mulitple orgasm while most guys have a refractory period before having a second orgasm!

Hey i tot guys are horny? But gals seem to be hornier...

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