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Saturday, September 17, 2005
World of Darkness 1: The Battle
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:10 PM --- Post#112695180423597488

All characters, events, settings and objects in this story is entirely based in fiction, even if it seems related to any real life situations.

I am Zombie, a hideous looking creature resurrected some 200 years ago because I was not satisfied that my life was such a screw up. My Spirit spent all the darkness energy reviving my dead body from death. 200 years later today my life is not much better. Well I guess this is what I call “ill-fated”.

The scene on Hill Anderson was magnificent, sights of little villages and unknown avian creatures soaring around, accompanied with the flora and fauna on the nearby forest. Being alone in such a nice setting was nevertheless calming and tranquil, as I relaxed my mind. Of course, I was not up here just for the beauty of nature…

My ears twitched as soft footsteps were heard. “Tap tap tap…” and it paused. Ah…she is here… I felt for my sword that was hung securely to my side and make a turn. Our eyes made contact and a sense of fury suddenly aroused in me. Keeping calm, I started some questioning.

“Rose, expected…”

She was shocked and took a turn as I continued my talk.

“Its time to tell me the truth…u little Rose had caused me misery…so deep in my heart that no elastic plaster can heal!” I grew more furious by then.

Rose turned back, I can see from her eyes she was expecting some violence in a moment’s time.

“You psycho, u know what you had done this spring!”

“I had done nothing to Samara! Whereas you misunderstood ME! And your spread filthy rumors with your dirty gap!”

Rose’s eyes grew large and looked sideway at the ground. Suddenly, she made a quick jump up and pounced on me. Expected, that’s the common attack by the Jungle Cat Elves. Concentrating, my processor began to calculate her movement and clock her speed. 35.3m per second. Amazing speed for her and I speculate Cat Elves at her age can move faster than that. I shifted to the right as she land right beside me. She pulled out her claws from the earth and settled into defensive posture await my move. I made a quick scan on her claws and my computer told me it’s reinforced with diamond particles. The 15cm long curved blades on her fingers would surely cut me up into meat slices.

Steadily, I grabbed my Raven Sword and swayed in around. It wasn’t a long sword, barely reaching 1m, the titanium based blade could withstand humongous tension and its curvature was designed to make clean and swift slashes. The sides were coated to be scratch resistance and its shine of a diamond made Rose seemed pretty freaked out. The connection of the blade and the handle was properly joined with suspension padding to prevent breakage if excessive force was exerted. The handle was of high quality teak with steel bar as a framework in it. Outside was cushioned with silicon wraps for comfort and grip.

As I swayed my sword in circles, defending her next move, I thought of a sneak attack, I let out a disrupting and spine-chilling shriek and the extreme frequencies penetrated her eardrums. She instantly covered her ears and now this was the chance I could attack! Holding my sword tightly I rushed forward with my left hand grabbing my right fist and lurched myself towards her and gave a bad bash on my elbow. She screamed in pain and I followed up by straightening my arm and attempt to slash her in her torso. She zapped backwards and forward again, this time with her claws aiming right at me.

I threw my arms and my sword got tangled in her complicated bunch of eerie finger nails. She was using all her body strength and was pushing all the way. I knew my strength was not enough and I withdrew my sword and slide my foot into hers while maintaining balance with the other foot and piecing my sword to the groud as support.

Rose tripped over and I forced my weapon vertically down, hoping to destroy her. She sprang with her leg upwards and knocked my arm away. The sword flew from my hands and landed somewhere behind me. As she made her complete summersault our eyes met. I stared at her and sent impulsive force wave over. She was stunned in her eyes as her whole body froze. Psychic forces always worked for me. I was draining energy from her and unexpectedly she gathered strength and broke our eye contact and landed softly on the ground. She was panting.

Without much hesitation I launch myself towards her and gave her an uppercut that threw her several meters away. She was weak. I stretched my bumpy-textured arms and focus my mind over her. She glowed in red and yelled as I apply Constriction on her. Constriction is another psychic attack which squeezes the body of my victim until she die from pain. It was very energy taxing though, but I want her dead!

A bullet whizzed past my arm and I lost contact. Shit! Rose was still crying in pain as I scanned around for the uninvited visitor.

“Stop, just don’t kill her!”

Oh, that awfully familiar voice of Denys, he came from behind with his 56k Battle Rifle, a cross between pistol and assault rifle, with deadly accuracy in mid ranges.

“It’s not her actually, Samara was at fault too, and though she looked calm that time she actually spread words about you and her. I think Samara is the mastermind.”

“But I shall kill her for her childishness, that’s what I hate about the Cat Elves, total bimbos! I can’t stand them!”

“At least you know Easter was not such a girl…”

“But since Samara and Ruth left, I shall revenge on Rose! Denys, let me do it!”

Rose rose from the ground, she was badly injured. Bruises covered her body and cuts were all over. She beamed at me and I stared back. Denys held my shoulders as I wanted to dash at her. She looked away and jumped off the cliff.

I pushed Denys aside and rushed forward and peeped downwards. Rose fell right down and landed softly. Cat elves could survive very high drops, sometimes without a single scratch, as far as I know. From far I saw her scurried away into the forests…

I backed away, ignoring Denys I picked up my sword. As the sun sets, I began my way down hill into the unknown reigns of that forest…

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