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Saturday, September 24, 2005
World of Darkness 2: Piano
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:49 PM --- Post#112757334111916823

All characters, events, settings and objects in this story is entirely based in fiction, even if it seems related to any real life situations.

Words from author: Hahaha after the 1st story on The Battle, I decided to write follow ups to the story. I decided these shall be short stores, meaning it’s not a continuation of a long story.  Hmmm I shall call these fantasies World of Darkness…Lets begin…

I am Zombie. I am someone who had seen enough of this world, someone who had seen the ugly, the sad and pathetic of this world.

In this world of fantasy filled with variants of creatures, its not only human that dominate the world. In fact those mutants, or I should call them recreations, were master pieces by humans. They created them all for a specific purpose, some physically capable ones as slaves, while some other intelligent one was researchers. Those were beyond human cloning, where they can mix and match the genes of several creatures, brought life into those once considered fairy tales. Variants of human themselves emerged tens years ago, they had to change themselves to adapt to the changing world. Within this century, this world had become almost like a fantasy…

Chinese music flowed into my ears. It was nice, very touching indeed. That’s what I called analogue music – live performance. Mando-pop was always to my liking, especially through my music player. They were my only companion on sleepless nights, where I would stay awake and thought about a lot of stuff. Ah, that was 此战之伤, by some singer with the name of Jay some years ago. So who was the one singing?

I closed my eyes and began to enjoy his singing, accompanied by a grand piano. That song was about the lost hopes of the children during the war. His voice was filled with sorrow as he set into the chorus. Though muffled, his vocal power brought out the feelings…the hopeless feeling, like what I tend to feel every time. The reverb ricocheted around the hall. From here I could see the lighting of the stage, explicitly lit up by romantic yellowish light. The Pianist was just behind those velvety red curtains, sort of hidden at the side of the stage. Mystery filled the air. The hall was not big at all, it seemed to be able to hold only a hundred audience in all. Neither was the door locked nor were there any guards. Strange enough, there was no audience. My acute senses could not find any sign of life around except for the pianist. Strangled by my curiosity, I dashed out of the hall and looked around. Towards the left and right was nothing but long red carpet leading to a turn at the end.

Now I remembered, I was supposed to be loitering around after taking my lunch at the cafeteria when I heard the touching tune. Following the tune I came here. The music stopped. I turned around and retreated back into the hall. My footstep echoed as I made my way inside. There was a long deadly silence. I was about to applaud for Pianist when the same music started playing again. I stepped forward and forward and forward…

Every step revealed more of the large black grand piano and the tuxedo of Pianist. I sensed that something was very wrong. Grabbing my Raven Sword just in case, I slowly approached the curtains.

I was standing behind the giant piece of curtain, which acted like the only shield from me and that weirdo. The singing stopped by the music played on. What did it meant? Was he awaiting for my presence? Or was he signaling for me to go away?

I stretched my arm and pulled the curtain. Bit by bit, slowly. The pianist’s face was revealed. It was a human male. But he looked awfully pale. His bony fingers that were pressing on the keys seemed so fragile that they may break anytime. His sunken eyes stared blankly into the blank space, then turned unnaturally and looked at me. I could not see his lips as they were so pale like sheet. Gosh, he seemed to be a victim of starvation! Was this how they treat a high class music professional?  

“Tick…tick…tick….” Clock?  No!

I shifted my vision onto the stage flooring just below him. Crimson blood was tickling down the piano to be collected into a pool. What the hell? I ran to the side of the piano to have a good look at Pianist. Oh my god, one of his wrist was slit and he was still playing the piano! The keys were dyed red and blood could be seen oozing out from between the keys as they were forcefully pressed down. A small penknife was spotted lying guiltily on the flooring nearby, with a bottle of white pills.

The music was coming to an end, as he lifted his arms for his very last notes. His pupils widened and his jawed trembled. Blood gushed from mouth and gripped onto his neatly ironed tuxedo. His arm fell and banged into the keyboard, creating an ear piercing mixture of notes. Pianist fell back and landed on his back on the flooring. He was coughing away as more blood was pumped out of his gap. His body jerked erratically and I scurried forward and tried to help. I held him up in my arms while his mouth uttered something almost inaudible. I brought him close to my ears and listened dutifully to his last words.

Translation: Thank you for listening to me for the last time when I was feeling so terrible

My eyes were filled with pity as I watched him suffer. I gathered enough force in my palm, as a blue aura grew, making sure I would kill him, I pass the force right into his chest. His eyes opened even wider and a faint smile appeared. A tear dripped onto his tuxedo.

I passed my fingers across his eyes, shutting his eyelids in peace. My sixth sense which I though was numbed by my sadness alerted me, telling me to search his body. Though I doubt he would carry anything useful for me, I dipped my hands into his pockets and did a brief search.

More humans! My zombie instinct told me more people were coming as I was feeling into his inner tuxedo pocket. At last my sixth sense did not failed me and I discovered a folded lined paper. Securing it in my pocket, I jumped onto the low parapet and escaped through a window beside.

This was what was written, unexpectedly in Chinese:
This, in English meant:
“I cant take it anymore, being despised in this society. I cant feel love, where only music and Hell could be a place for me. This is a war, where I’m at the hopeless end…”

I once tried to kill the most useless person on Earth, but I though suicide was not the answer. So I kept that piece of paper, where it might come handy for me when the answer is found.

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