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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Whats My Name?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:20 PM --- Post#113577731081925066

A lot of people have been mixing up my names...i shall explain now.

CyGiG / CyGiG Storm Raven / CyGiG St0rm R@v3n / CyGiG Raven
My screen name, often simply "cygig" or "CyGiG". CyGiG stands for CYber Gadgets InfoCommunication Games & entertainment. Its my screen name, meaning i use it for online accounts and identify myself as CyGiG. Cos till now, this name "CyGiG" was never taken up before whenever i sign up for smthing.

Storm simply means i like grey and blue and i prefer cold to hot weather. I love stormy days oso!

Raven cos i love my pet chicken Pok Pok and i like crows! So Black CoOl!

Raven Storm is sometimes use as my organisation/company name.

It starts off by Terrence calling me that becos of one of my very first photoshop artwork that i turn my sister's portrait into an ulitmate gross zombified picture. That artwork of mine is named Kiss Me (yucks....) and had received a lot of complains of being too gross and too cruel to do that to my sista and i had not release it then after. I used that artwork to help me transfer over from micromouse to the hardware dept and then to the Photoshop dept in cXtreme.

Kiss Me became famous in cxtreme and since they dunno my name, they simply start calling me ZOMBiE. I find it quite a nice name becos:
#1 I love dark arts
#2 ZOMBiE was once alive, thats why i said i was dead 200 years ago. What i wanna say is that iam not myself now. I was once an innocent and cheerful boy, but my oldself was dead when i saw this world clearer....dun the whole thing suit the name ZOMBiE?

And now everyone know me as zombie....hehehehe....

MC Ba Gua
All started from Chikage calling me Ba Zhang(dumblings) cos i Ba Ba (meaty) in the 1st three months JC. The she start calling me different names every day...what monday ba zhang, ba hu, ba gua, ba gu teh, ba chor mee...till she got messed up herself and just call me Ba Gua.

Later on, i added "MC" in front cos i learn from MC hotdog, the #1 Taiwan undergrd singer de. So whenever i write poems or rewrite song lyrics, i will use the name MC Ba Gua.

My 4B friends call me cos i have got 8 flexible fingers (read previous post).

Xiao Pang
Called by my NPCC friends

My Real Name
I hate my real name cos it resembles some media corp actress....She summore old and wrinkled....not chio....eeee....

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