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Saturday, January 21, 2006
Brainwashing Sexuality Talk: Celebrate Life!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:31 PM --- Post#113784886798994785

I attented Celebrate Life!, a sexuality workshop today right in AJC....and i find quite a lot of things amiss in the workshop.

Lecturer's Attitude
There is this Mr Thomas (i hope i got his name right) and another lady lecturer. The lady was fine, i had no comments about her. While i find something wrong with the guy and his speech. The way he talked, he sounded like some religious leader. "Deep down in our hearts, we know that...", "We are all humans, we must....", "We must be ProLove, we must condem....". I might be over sensative, but he certainly sound like he is spreading some kinda "thinking", which contrasted with the lady who was more like a fun loving lecturer giving us info and facts.

Tone of the workbook
A workbook was given to use. Its like a referece to the workshop. In the workbook, its more on believes and thinkings than facts. It looks more like a bible or sutra rather than something that something that would be found in a Civics and Moral Ed book or Science textbook. In the book it often express thinkings as "we must" or "this is" in an affirmative tone, rather than "it is known to be a fact that" or "we should always".

Some examples:
"In my infancy, I was once naked without shame because of my innocence"
Hey, I was never naked except in front of my parents (they gotta bath me mah!) even when young. Being naked during infancy oso cos of convinence like toilet training and chaning of diapers. Not necessary innocence mah.

"Any sex outside of marriage demeans the true value of love & sexuality"
There are a lot of happy couples whom the female got pregnant before marriage. Again this is a sweeping statement mah. Sex outside marriage dun necessary not mean true love mah. Should say pre martial sex is not encourage as it oftens do not symbolise true love and sexuality.

"Lust is the counterfeit of love and it destorys true love, It is a desire to use the other person (his or her sexual body) to achieve sexual gradifiction, thus violating his/her human dignity. Lust demeans the lustful person. Destorys character and self integrity and dehumanize human relationship"
Unless u are a monk or priest, most man are more or less lustful mah. Does it mean most man dun present true love? The lecturer oso meantion smthing about advertisment using lust. Meaning its lustful to look at sexy gals promoting beer. But in normal case u see and not touch and the gals are willing to shoot those advertisment for money. Does it really violate dignity? Yes it does when u toking about forces prositutes and rape. Again this statement is quite subjective...

BTW, im not saying all the info on the book is wrong or what. Rather its the phrasing that seems to force a believe into u, together with the lecturer's religious like speech, it sounded like im being brain wash!

Im not totally against it but just saying im feeling a bit uncomfortable lah...

Wrong ideas?
#Masturbation Wrong?
I had read up so many places that masturbation is good and completely safe as long as u dun become addicted to it. I even read one article is Spug that it reduc risk or prospate cancer. Its the good way to release excessive hormones that keeping it and let it evolve ito crimes like molest or rape.

But the workshop states that masturbation is degrading. Becos is often uses other ppl as a sex object while u are fantasing and therfore violates the other party's dignity. Oso during mastrubation, u think of a certain person that will give u the most pleasurable feel, thus if done too much, next time when u have sex with your wife, u will think of that particular fantasy u always have and not yourwife. Thus is morally degrading. We should control masturbation.

I mean its natural for guys esp before marriage to feel heated up at times, and masturbate to relieve it. Fantasy is a type of imagination and it entirely yours and personal. As long as u dun act out ur fanstay (how many ppl that masturbates actually act out ur fantasy?) it dun think its violation of dignity lor. And do we always visualise the most pleasurable secen during masturbation? U not sian meh? I dun think u will visualise some other stuff when u are having sex w ur wife rite?

And in the workbook there is a column where he ask us to fill up that we will condemn mastubation...a bit the....

#Using contraceptive and homosexual = mastubation?!
According to the lecturer, since using contraceptive and homosexual sex are not real sex as there is no fertilisation, its merely a simluation and considered masturabtion. And masturbation is degrading.

Hey...this just dun make sense! Ppl use contrceptives to reduce the chances of getting pregnant, and since homosexuals can have sex, that is they only way to show love, even its inappropiate ,the idea is totally different from masturbation!

#Cloning and IVF is totally bad!
Yup he told us to write down that cloning and IVF must be condemned. These issues had been still arguing mah, its tacty cos there are equally good and bad points on both side. Cannot liddat just call us condemn clining and IVF mah! Even science textbook dun tell us that!

Hmm this sexuality talk is really different from others i had sttend in school. I did felt that im being brainwashed through all those kind of "forcing". It might purely be my own opinion, but i do feel discomfortable. Anyway the rest of the contents are perfectly perfect.


My vistior countor shot up THREE HUNDRED just in a day due to some DK guy in Spug who summitted my blog to Tomorrow! Here is the link:

My blog is suppose to be keep low profile, not more than 10 of my classmate even noe my blog....and now its exposed until liddat. Wah lao....im not protesting against the sex tok or smthing lor.... just felt a bit the uncomforty thats all.....

And some guia guai ppl come my blog tag....go away! Go
remeber click on the ads to help them earn money wor! They oso got some articles there!

To see full discussion.

Where ever ur go, just dun come here...i wish to see my average 8 views of my blog a day and not 300!

Later my blog close down due to some dunno what reason, i shall come back as ghost and kill everyone! GHOST! Muahahahhaa....

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