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Friday, March 24, 2006
zB BlogLock
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:07 AM --- Post#114313014047215559

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

To decrypt:
1. copy and paste the above scrambled text in between and exclusive of the [START] and [END] tags into BlogLock
2. set the password to 'cygig', without quotes.

In practical use, keep the password to only those whom u wish to see the entry.

zB BlogLock is a freeware by me. Its a Flash application that encrypt text. It can in fact encrypt any plain text given, but since it is an embeddable swf file, it could integrate into your blog easily.

To use:
-Enter some text into the text box
-Set a password, the default pass is "default"
-check "Save Password" to remember your password
-Now click "Encrypt"
-The text should now appear as scrambled letters
-You may select different options from the drop down menu to choose the way to copy the text in the text box
-"HTML form" copies the encrypted text with a
tag for easy display on blog
-"Forum Quote" copies with [quote] tags for forum
-Now with the encrypted text, go to your blog (eg blogger) and post it.
-Now the encrypted text will then of course appear on your blog since you posted it
-You can choose to give your password to certain people or keep it confidential
-Only those with the correct pass may then select, copy and paste the encrypted text into bloglock (which maybe embed into your blog), enter the correct pass and hit "Decrypt"
-If the correct pass is entered, the original text will show, else an error message pops up

So..whats the big deal?
Well, no big deal. I made this because Blogger has no way to hide entries. Also other blogging sites offer encryption to the entire blog, either that or you need to sign up with them to view the entries. What happen if i only have some entries that i wish not to let certain people read? BlogLock comes into place to encrypt that only post, and having it embedded or linked into your blog makes things even easier. What if i want multi levels of hiding my blog? I can encrypt different text with different password, i can use one password for entries that only my friends have and can view, mean while i can have another personal pass that i will encrypt entries i want no one to read. Since its a swf, its cross platform, all you need is the latest Flash player.

To put on your blog
Host the swf somewhere. Do a google search on image hosting. I would recommend www.letmehost.com or www.files.bz. Get the link URL and then insert the following code:
<embed src="URL" wmode="transparent" height="400" width="240">
into where ever you want to put it. It could be a table or a <div> layer.

The following create a layer, u can change the top and left values to position BlogLock.

<div style="left=100px; top=100px; width=240; height=400px">
<embed src="URL" wmode="transparent" height="400" width="240"></div>

Video Aid

Change Log
0.5 Beta 09/04/06
-Added password checking to display pop up if pass is wrong
-Changed encryption algo
-added forum quote option

0.1 Beta 30/3/06
-added save password feature
-added Copy as Html to generate form and instructions
-added button to mask/unmask password

0.2 Alpha 26/3/06
-Speed up the encrypting process. 40,000 characters takes 5 seconds. The decrypting process is slightly faster.

I will bear no responsibility on any harm by or caused by zB BlogLock. The encryption is not foolproof, rely on security of the encrypted text at your own risk, although it should be good enough for normal usage.

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