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Friday, April 07, 2006
Celebrating Library: How had the Library Changed Your Life?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:52 PM --- Post#114440636847738881

Upon seeing this poster in the canteen, i decided to tell the world how nice my College's library is neh!

The Library....is such a holy place, a heaven in my life, something that we will never be able to do without! Wahh...Library ah, me lub u! Mucks! There are a lot of things we can do in library, that the experience will never be better anywhere, i shall now..tell u...how the LIBRARY had CHANGED my LIFE!

We rest to go further on

Look above, i bet thats the only sofas (there is another one beside) available to all the students. What is this? Its a perfect place to attain mental development and enlightenment. Imagine someone just after PE, he quickly changed into his uniform (w/o bathing or deoudouriser to add on to the aroma effect) and rushed into the LIBRARY. The air inside will soon be filled with his masculine scent, He was tired, he ran up the flight of stairs to the third floor and WOOOO.

THE SOFA! He rushed towards it and slams his butt into it. Soon falling asleep. In his dreams... he dreamt of his girl friend having sex with him and he can feel all the pleasure flowing through him. . . suddenly of all the goodness, he dreamt of his GP teacher nagging round the clock non stop. He woke up in disgust, and suddenly realised that he forgot about his essay.

Still lying on the sofa, smelling his own smell, he starts letting his creativity run wild, thinking hard on what excuses to give to his GP teacher about his forgotten homework. He suddenly came to enlightenment that since this isnt his 1st time not handing in his work (actually he neva handed in his work before...), he realised the Truth. The Truth that he should pon his GP lesson.

So still sitting in the LIBRARY, he yawned and lazily gazed at the chio bu beside him...slowly drinfting to drema again.

The Computer
Beside the Free Access Room, the library is the next best place to get in touch with multimedia resources. Wow, the LIBRARY supplies us with the top brand new, fast and hiong Pentium 2 computers! YEAH! Of course we get the 1kbps internet speed too when there are more ppl using the network. This actually teaches us to CARE AND SHARE. We cannot hog all the resources, having 1kbps internet speed is already marvelous, considering the happiness and joy of knowing you are actually SHARING good with the rest!

U press the ancient old power button (most of the time the buttons are either stuck or dropped off), the fan whizzzed and the OS starts booting. It does takes sometime for it to load, while loading, u can admire the nice little posters saying "remember to shut down the computers after use" or "please book before using computer", which are proudly brought to us by the LIBARIANS.

Ok the computer is still booting. I think they purposely slow down the booting process to let use learn to be PATIENT ppl. Aint they so concenrs about our LEANRING PROCESS.

Now the computer is ready for use. We do Self Directed Lounging (SDL). We log on to the net and watch Happy Tree Friends, play some online games, or maybe even watch porn. Some hardcores will spent their time fruitfully trying to boot to other OS or hack Windows. When the LIBRARIANS come, we quickly switch over to MS Word to prentend to be doing project, becos we noe they are working hard and dun wish to distract them by letting them see us SDL.

Food Paradise
Imagine the canteen with aircon? Isnt it great? Although we cannot shift the Western food hotplate to the LIBRARY, we can always bring in some food.

Then in groups, we will chat or do homework together, or so call bondings. Peanuts, hotdogs are a must to bondings, and their fragrant saves the LIBRARY money to buy perfume and feed the ants so those poor little crawlies do not die from hunger.

Sometimes the LIBRARIANS are hungry and they chase at use for our food. Naughty naughty! How can? They confiscate our food to fill their hunger, but i mean since they are so nice people, i will never obliged to pass them my food if they ask for them.

Its only the LIBRARY that allow us to do so...

Muggers' Paradise
LIBRARY is the holy place that manufacture human Hard Disk Drives (HDD). HDD is a computer component that stores huge amount of data. Note that HDD never process any data, they merely store them. Muggers are like human HDD, they sit inside the LIBRARY with one pile of toilet papers call "tutorials" or "lecture notes". Wonder what they doing with those toilet papers? They are actually upbring the school's academic standard wor! Isnt it damn hell GREAT and NOBEL? They suck in all the info and spits them onto the exam paper, and they are always HUMBLE, becos they always say "aiya, i ONLY got 3A's". See that the school is so SUCCESSFUL in the upbringing of our HDD, i mean students!

Look above! Toilet papers! I mean tutorials! As muggers breed inside the LIBRARY, the school's standard goes up up up! Of course we must credit the LIBRARY for all those!

See how the LIBRARY changes our life? Becos of the LIBRARY i benefitted endlessly! I had a nice sleeping space! I had a chance to do SDL on the computers! I can have picinic inside! Most importantly, I CAN MUGG! Mucks Mucks. Me lub the LIBRARY!

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